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Great news!  our NON-PROFIT designation 
has been approved!  We now provide 3 levels of therapy!

1. Top tier full service individual and family /relationship counseling.
2.  HALF PRICE therapy for first responders, Teachers, Military, and Nurses!  (Thank you for all you do for our communities and our country.  It is the least  we can do in return.  )  
3. Free counseling to any 12-25 year old individual raised without a father in the home.  ( Just a $50 
Commitment deposit that is returned after 5 sessions! ) 

Be Well Therapy Group 
  -  Cypress TX

Michael Lucas

Mental Health Researcher and
LMFT-A Clinical Psychotherapist

You are here on this site because either you, or someone you love is struggling.   What hurts?

Where is the pain coming from?

           Lets start the healing.

Lets start moving away from that dark place. 

Whatever brought you to my website let me affirm to you that you are in the right place. You did not find me by accident and I invite you to take the next steps.  But first things first.  The question you have is this:

"Can you help me?"

                 Yes, I can.

 When you read my 5 star google reviews you will find that:

I help marriages become stronger.

I help men find serenity and strength.

I help teens reconcile their emotions and hormones.

I help women feel valued and empowered.


Are you the type of person who knew they would be the LAST person to ever need a therapist? 


Then I am your perfect Therapist.


I do virtual and in person appointments.


 The best way to see if I am a good fit is to simply take advantage of my free no obligation 30 minute INTRODUCTORY SESSION. 


The session can be in person or virtual and the first step is to click the invitation.  You will share a bit of information about yourself and I will get in touch to schedule the free confidential no obligation session. 


Areas of Expertise

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Individuals,Teens, Couples and Family.

Including but not limited to:
Trauma, Behavioral Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Challenges, Loneliness, Self Esteem, Developmental Blocks, Sex, Love, Anger, Self Harm, Eating disorders, Body Image Dysmorphia,  Family Unity, Spiritual/Faith Crisis, Generational Dysfunction, Addiction, Grief, Self Actualization. 

Although I am trained in multiple types of Therapy with a variety of individuals and groups, There is an interesting STATISTIC that actually identifies the  Connection & Relationship with your therapist has a 70% influence factor on the actual successful outcome of therapy.   


You have nothing to lose.  click the link, and lets get  you on the schedule for a free no obligation introductory session. 

We are a Concierge Practice and do not take most insurance*
If and when a diagnosis is made, and required by an insurance company, this record can inhibit and effect future life or health insurance coverage, insurability and otherwise paint the individual in a negative light, in spite of recovery or the individual.  We follow the ethical standard of maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion with the individual and their reasons for therapy.
But we can provide a SUPERBILL to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Initial Consultation is no charge                                30 minutes

1st  intake appointment    $160                               50 minutes

Standard Appointment     $140                                50 minutes

Community Servant.         $70                                 50 minutes

Absentee Father              $50 (1st session only)          50 minutes

Absentee Father              $0   (sessions 2-10)             50 minutes

Virtual Appointment         $140                                50 minutes

House Call                    $190                                45 minutes


Contact Me

John Lennon has been credited for the quote: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end"

 My purpose as a therapist is to help you skip ahead to the part of life where things become "okay" and even incredible.  Best place to start is by clicking the link, leaving a bit of your information so we can schedule a time to meet for a free no obligation introductory session together.

Permanent Cypress Location coming soon. 

St Aiden's, 13133 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433

Tel: 346-616-4000

Thanks for submitting!

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